With the advancement in social media marketing techniques in developed nations and the introduction of social media marketing in emerging economies, researchers are grappling with the profound impact of the rapid evolving social media on the transformation of all branches of marketing, from brand building to its impact in shaping consumer perceptions and communications. In line with this trend, the International Conference social media marketing (ICSMM’17) aims to provide an international platform that allows practitioner and academic researchers respectively to share and discuss their latest research, ideas, and survey reports in the theoretical and practical areas regarding all aspects of Social media marketing.

Prospective authors, marketers, industry leaders are welcome to submit their full practitioner articles or academic research papers for oral presentations and publication in an intentional journal and conference proceedings. All submissions to the conference will go through blind review processes. ICSMM’17 looks forward in hosting you.

The orgainiser of event is American Academic Research Society. AARESOC is membership based and comprises members from a wide array of disciplinary backgrounds and viewpoints emanating from over 30 different countries. Membership is open to academics, postgraduate scholars, practitioners, consultants and institutions interested in interacting with or conducting interdisciplinary research related to or cutting across any of our Disciplinary Research Groups (DRGs).

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